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Our Approach

With the focus in primary school mainly on English and mathematics objectives, and the year 6 SATs geared towards these two subjects, these fields hold to key to your child's learning. I have had many years of experience teaching these core subjects and, in light of new curriculum guidelines, I am very confident in my approach to make your child's learning in these areas as unchallenging as possible. Although facts and fluency in skills are paramount in learning, I also strongly believe in quality over quantity too. In other words, not only do I believe your child should know what the objectives in their year groups are, but also, more importantly, know how to use these objectives effectively.

In all tutoring sessions, I aim to work closely with both you and your child, using any information about your child's progress in school to help tailor an appropriate learning experience with realistic and attainable goals. 

"It is quality rather than quantity that matters."

Lucius Annaeus Seneca

The subjects of Maths and English have been split into separate objectives for each year group, each objective paving the way for their learning in the years to come as your child moves through the school. The two links below will provide you with more information on what your child is expected to do in each year group.

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