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Supply Teaching 

Living in the Havering area and living very close to neighbouring boroughs, I can be the supply teacher that you are looking for. I offer a choice about the kind of supply you may want with the flexibility to match your school's needs. I am reliable and can be with you at short notice. 

Short-Term Supply

We all know that life can be unexpected. If your school has a member of staff who is unwell, or unable to be at school for a day, perhaps for a meeting or CPD, I can be relied upon to step into their role at short notice. I have over twenty years' experience in the classroom and am incredibly flexible, often being able to work unscripted and with less preparation. I always aim to work meticulously to any planning provided. I can work with detailed plans but also, in times of unpredicted absences, I can work with less detailed planning. All I need is the learning outcome, skills application and task, and I can provide the children with an enjoyable, memorable and brilliant learning experience. Furthermore, for the day I am working with you, I am approachable and friendly, working closely with other members of staff within your year group and at your school. 

Long-Term Supply

Long-term assignments are available, where you and your school will benefit from a full-time classroom teacher over an extended period. Long-term assignments will last depending on your school's needs. I will become a fully engaged member of staff within your school. I will be involved in school meetings and extra-curricular activities. During long-term supply, I will offer your school all the advantages of a full-time member of staff - reliability, enthusiasm, diligence and dexterity.

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